Hockinson Apostolic Lutheran Church

Prayer Requests

4-5-2023 Marie Kulla passed away peacefully at home this morning. Please remember the Kulla family is they lay their mother to rest.

3-14-2023 John Kinnunen passed away this morning at the adult care center. He suffered a stroke on 3-7 and was hospitalized until returning home on the evening of the 13th. Please keep Dean, Randy, Dana and their families in your prayers as they lost their mother, Judi, 4 short months ago.

3-10-2023 Alvar Helmes was diagnosed with bladder cancer and is now at home on hospice care. Please remember Cara in your prayers also.

3-8-2023 Please remember our elderly and those who face health issues as well: Marge Hilman, Mel Karlsen, Rosella Mickelson, Ellen Myllymaki, Lorraine Northrup, Lorraine Osgood, Stella Wilson and others. It is our goal to remember all; if we have missed those who are in need of our prayers, please forgive us.

12-28-2022 Ruth Ankenbauer died at 8:17am on December 28th. Please remember the Ankenbauer family in their loss while we thank God for Ruth’s victory in Christ.

11-8-2022 Johnny Hill died peacefully in his sleep early in the morning of the 8th of November, 3 days before his 60th birthday. Johnny loved everybody and was loved by all.

11-7-2022 Leslie Hanson passed away at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN after a prolonged illness. Leslie & Marsha have 3 children in our congregation; Miranda, Clarice and Carmelle. Please remember all his family in your prayers.

11-3-2022 Judi Kinnunen died on Thursday, November 3rd with family by her side at Community Home Health and Hospice in Salmon Creek. Please remember John and family in your prayers.

If you would like to submit a prayer request, please e-mail us.